Are you working on a video game, book, film, comic, board game or other narrative project and looking for practical support to make sure your project is appropriately inclusive? Not sure where to start? It’s okay if you feel a little lost or unsure. My team and I are here to support you in that mission.

Today more than ever, media consumers want stories that are sincere, genuine, and true. They want works that engage with historically excluded identities instead of the same cliched archetypes and tropes that have been the norm for decades. As the media landscape shifts, we’re seeing an increase in critical acclaim, word of mouth promotion, and the opportunity to reach bigger and broader audiences when projects do their due diligence to get this right.

As lead consultant, I bring ten-plus years of experience as an award-winning feminist media critic to the table. I founded a not-for-profit organization to provide free and accessible education about feminism and diversity in pop culture that has a reach of nearly one million social media followers and over 30 million views on YouTube. I have consulted on a wide range of projects to help creators find their vision, from including female characters in a more holistic way, to designing a cast of video game characters that appeals to a wider audience. I help artists avoid common, unnecessary pitfalls and build richer, more vibrant characters and worlds.

Our hands-on consulting style is direct, honest, and non-judgmental. Our goal is to identify ways your project can be improved and provide you with education around the relevant issues to help you make the right creative decisions for you.

Each project is unique and therefore so is our approach. We work with you to assess which areas you’d like to address and we tailor our time together accordingly. Some ways we’ve worked with clients are joining team brainstorming sessions while working through early concepts, reading drafts of scripts or reviewing character art and identifying areas of improvement, as well as presentations to help teams understand why inclusivity is an important goal. Companies have brought us in to consult and support them on a wide assortment of endeavors, including:

  • Creating fully complex female characters whether protagonists, antagonists, or secondary

  • Avoiding stereotypes and cliches with regard to race, gender, sexuality, class, and disability and learning how to integrate these identities into your work holistically

  • Deepening characterization of diverse casts to not only avoid bad representations but to create great, varied, and detailed representation

  • Designing a cast of characters that is appealing to a wider multi-gender audience

  • Designing gender-neutral or nonbinary characters

  • Adapting historically problematic texts for a current audience

  • Identifying common pitfalls in character and narrative design

  • Avoiding oppressive (ie. sexist, racist etc) dialogue

  • Avoiding systems that enable problematic actions for players

To create art that is free from stereotypical representations and cliched tropes and instead works to enrich, empower, and energize your audience isn’t impossible. Let us help you.

How it works:

Each project has its own requirements so we will work together to create a package that is best suited to your needs. We can consult on one specific issue you have, or do a broader assessment of the work as a whole and how each aspect (visuals, narrative, gameplay) needs iteration. Together we can assess whether we need one session together or if periodic check-ins would be beneficial. Sessions can be done in person or over the phone. All information exchanged during our work together is kept strictly confidential.

Pricing is available on a sliding scale depending on the size of the project and scope of the work.