Guide to Internetting While Female - Maire Claire

March 2015: Online harassment can take many harmful forms but there are some more subtle and insidious ways that women are shut down and silenced online. This article serves as a guide to navigating the minefield of internetting while female.


We Must Rewrite Women’s Role in History - Time

March 2016: There are so many courageous, defiant, and exceptional women who have had a tremendous impact on our world but too often their stories are forgotten. Laura Hudson and I discuss how Feminist Frequency's original series Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History attempts to rewrite women back into our collective narratives.


On Video Games’ Great Future - New York Times Op-Ed

October 2014: Girls and women often have a contentious love/hate relationship with video games as the communities and the industry itself tells us we don't belong. But video games are for everyone and it's time that the invisible boundaries that guard the “purity” of gaming as a niche subculture end.

5 Ways to Deflect Nasty Online Trolls - WIRED

December 2015: Laura Hudson and I contribute a short piece to WIRED's Survival Handbook on how to protect yourself from online privacy invasions including doxxing.


Five Feminist Moments in Video Games - MEDIUM

December 2014: More often than not, women in games are sexual objects, damsels in distress, or disposable murder victims whose deaths provide motivation for brooding male heroes. Games that present women as fully developed humans, or that communicate feminist values through a focus on cooperation or compassion, are all too rare. Carolyn Petit and I pick out five games that thrilled us, moved us, or just made us feel like there is a place for us in the world of video games.